Study of internal control, internal review, internal auditing for government bureau, accountants.

Author: Su-yen Wu

Advisor: none - chair,none - co-chair,none - advisor

Educational level: Master

Discipline: Finance

University: Sun Yat-Sen University

Abstract: In response to the rapid economic transitions in Taiwan and abroad, government bureaus shall establish, promote, and execute internal control, besides the reform and review of laws, regulations, and systems. Although the internal control and internal audit procedures, as well as the allocation budgets, in government bureaus have followed related standards, auditing departments are still reporting major financial scandals and financial flaws, and informing suggestions and improvements. Therefore, this study aimed to discuss the roles of accountants from the perspectives of internal control, internal review, and internal auditing.The research methods included questionnaire survey and literature review. Self-developed scale on “The role of governmental accountants from the perspectives of internal control, internal review, and internal auditing”. The samples included accountants and non-accountants of government bureaus in Taiwan and Kinmen areas. And the types of bureaus included ministries of the central government, Taipei City Government, Kaohsiung City Government, and bureaus of local counties and cities. The results are as below:1. Both accountants and non-accountants are highly identified with the systems of internal control, internal review, and internal auditing, difficulty in executions, and outcomes of fault-proof. Except for significant difference in some parts of internal auditing, all others have no significant difference.2. accountants with different backgrounds and seniority in internal control and internal review have significant differences in identification; there is high identification with difficulty in executions and outcomes of fault-proof in internal auditing, except for parts of significant difference.The suggestions are as follow: 1) present the questionnaire in a more practical way to allow the subjects answering questions based on their experience; 2) probe into the integrated topic of the role of internal auditing and external auditing to enhance the administrative performance; 3) carry out comparison analysis for accountants of different bureaus; 4) interpret the background variables of the subjects, including work environment, bureau rank, and suitable systems to make the results more practical. Keywords: government bureau, accountants, internal control, internal review, internal auditing

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Keywords: internal review, internal control, accountants, government bureau, internal auditing


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