Exploration of Competitive Advantage and Critical Success Factors for Taiwanese Beauty Saloon- As a Sample in Taoyuan , Taiwan

Author: Min-Jung Liao

Advisor: ,Kuo-I Chang - advisor,Wen-Hai Chi - advisor,Chui-Yu Chiu - chair

Educational level: Master


University: Dong Hwa University

Abstract: The research on Competitive Advantage and the Key Factor of Success in Taiwan hair industry is to understand that Taiwan hair industry it¡¦s historical development and special market trend analysis under the service industry. There are many kinds of salon business models, this research are mainly in Sophisticated Hair Salon designer and the fine business model. Using salon Competitive Advantage and the Key Factor of Success to reorganize the direction may follow, hoped that can provide to the hair designer, the owner and the academic researcher understanding the Sophisticated Hair Salon. then take the Sophisticated Hair Salon in Taoyuan area as the object of study, chooses 10 salon owner (designer) to interview , using the nature research way to conduct the research, from the literature discussion and the correlation data collection to carry on the interview and officially interview 10 object for many times. From the result of interview and reorganization to analyze the source of several Competitive Advantage in hair industry and the key factor of sophisticated salon management. This research conclusion and general analysis have several discoveries are as follows:1. Hair industry must take the Hair Technique as the first condition during service, customer go to hair salon mainly by visible hair styling, being fastidious about the service but not to neglect the basic technical ability of hair styles.2. The hair designer of Sophisticated Hair Salon more concern about their social position than general designer. They have more self confidence and management concept in their career.3. The hair designer of Sophisticated Hair Salon invests more time and energy in the education process than general designer. To know self own goal, not care about the short-term benefit, it is to plan the long time self hair industry career.4. Sophisticated Hair Salon management emphasis feeling, regarding the customer needs, the customer satisfaction, the customer management, the service quality and so on, has the concept of investment, is willing to spend the many mental effort in education and training, provides the consumer the more valuable feeling.5. Hair industry is the technical service industry, also is the leadership of the fashion industry, Sophisticated Hair Salon has the quite high ability in these aspects to lead the fashion trend.From the above conclusion you may know the character of hair industry,work and life of a hair designer. Although they are only a common group in the social link, actually they use their enthusiasm to perform the most beautiful color of life.

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Keywords: , Competitive Advantage, Key Factor of Success, Hair Technique, Sophisticated Hair Salon


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