How do you choose the right table saw for you?

The table circular saw is a very special type of saw which, together with the blade and motor, combines a real table integrated into the machine.

It is a well known and used tool, very similar to a cut-off machine, especially in the field of professional construction and craftsmanship for the extreme practicality guaranteed by the possibility of having an available and integrated workbench with a swiveling best 8-inch table saw blade, so that many non-professionals and hobbyists increasingly decide to use it to carry out their DIY work.

All the more so as the popularity of these tools has led to a significant drop in prices combined with the entry on the market of offers increasingly adapted to amateurs, cheap and of sufficient medium-high quality to ensure good performance without too much influence on the price.

With such complex tools, the choice may seem difficult, but in reality, it is enough to follow simple advice to find the product without wasting unnecessary time.

On this page, you can see the most popular table saws.

Bench saws: What features should you consider?


First of all, the main character to be taken into account is the power of the engine. Expressed in watts, for a circular saw, the power is never too low, on the contrary, it does not go below a minimum of 800 watts, for a maximum of 1500-2000 or even more for the most sophisticated table saws.

Weight and size

In terms of weight and size, however, these products are highly variable. They range from very large and heavy products, over 80 cm wide and well over 21-30 kg in weight, to smaller and lighter products that are easy to transport, although on average they do not exceed 60 cm and 20 kg.

The blade

Of course, a very important consideration when buying a table saw is the saw blade. A good blade normally has a diameter of about 254 mm and the hole is always about 30 mm. Its weight and material composition, in addition to the shape of the cut and the teeth, can vary greatly.

The most important thing is that the action of these characteristics combined with power ensures a minimum of 2000 – 4000 rpm, outside of which the work is likely to become slow and inaccurate, resulting in a waste of resources and electricity.

Height of cut

The cutting height of the circular saw determines the maximum size of the workpiece to be sawn. The higher the value, the better. Most machines reach good values of about 70 millimeters and are sufficient for normal use. But there are also cutting heights of more than 100 millimeters.

The table

Saw tables are available in almost all sizes. Some models even offer extendable tabletops or optional extensions. Depending on the project, this may also be practical and necessary. A higher contact surface means safer guidance of your workpiece and more space in the sewing area.

The rail

Finally, it is always best to focus on models with integrated guide rails that help manage and steer the cut, while avoiding unpleasant accidents. Even though today most models use these systems without this option affecting the price too much, there are still some very cheap offers that don’t have them, but often the guaranteed savings in money don’t compensate for the risks involved.

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